The Day I Realized My Son Had Become A Man
May 4, 2018
The Day I Realized My Son Had Become A Man

Dr. Laura:

My son is living in a different state for college but took a semester off to work full time. He called to tell me he was quitting the full-time job because he wasn't enjoying it and taking a part-time job instead.  He'll be returning to school for the summer semester.

I immediately went into "mom" mode, asking him how he would be able to pay his bills, and if he was sure he could get enough hours in the part-time job to cover his expenses.  I told him that as long as he could take care of business, I thought it was fine to take the part-time job.

He responded by saying "Mom, I didn't call for permission.  I just wanted to tell you because I was excited!"  My mom heart stopped, as he's always wanted my approval for big life decisions.  A fleeting moment of hurt jolted me, until I realized that my son had become a MAN.  At that point, my mom heart swelled with pride, knowing that it was okay for me to let go and trust what we, his parents, have taught him.  I have no doubt that he will continue to excel because of the strong foundation we gave him.

Thank you, Dr. Laura, for the guidance and wisdom that you share every day, and for giving me the ability to take that moment, breathe, and smile knowing that he's going to be okay!


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