Today's Hookup Culture
September 6, 2013
Today's Hookup Culture

I graduated college in the 90's and felt that girls respected themselves enough not to hop in bed with everyone they met. In fact I met someone in college and though we may not have held out for each other, we had less than you can count on one hand as far as partners go.

Fast Forward to this last decade: My younger brother by 15 years graduated from a pretty heavy party college. When I remarked on how many girls he knew, he told me, "You know I would never marry any of these girls. They will actually go to bed with a different person at every party. I find it totally disgusting. That is why many of us don't bother to have girlfriends' cuz you can just pick another one up tomorrow." Not soon afterward he met a local girl not involved in the college scene and married her within a year.

The nonchalant attitude of girls and guys was surprising to me and I wanted to question why it had become that way. I am very saddened at the state of affairs and feel so many perverted people, including teachers and administrators, support this.  I fear there is no end to it. I have 2 daughters and I don't want them swayed by this college atmosphere. Perhaps they will listen to you!


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