Moving On with Life
September 27, 2012
Moving On with Life

Thank Dr Laura for all that you do. It was around this time last year that I picked up a audio book from you called "Bad Childhood, Good Life". After listening to it umpteen times (I travel a lot so it's a good listen on the long road) I realized it was time for me to stop blaming my father for my weight problems and move on. I mean after all I'm 35. It is time I moved on from playing victim.

Food has always been my comfort and drug. I didn't realize how foggy and depressed I was until I started changing my diet and forced myself to exercise. I used to suffer from 3-day migraines, now just due to diet changes and exercise they are down to 1/2 - 1 day headaches.

I feel - phenomenal. Now I am still overweight and working on getting it off. But now instead of just acknowledging that I have a problem, I am now doing something about it. I am choosing to be the victor in my life instead of the victim. Thank you for giving me the push to go and do the right thing!



Posted by Staff at 2:16 PM