I Owe My Happiness, In Part, to My Father-In-Law
June 29, 2012
I Owe My Happiness, In Part, to My Father-In-Law

Dear Dr. Laura,

The first time my husband came to my apartment while we were dating, I noticed he'd put the seat down after using the bathroom. Chivalry at its finest! I knew I'd marry him then because, as we all know, it's the little things that count.

For Father's Day last year, I sent my father-in-law a thank-you card for the role he played in making my husband the man he is today. He's a team player, always helping around the house without having to be asked. He does laundry, dishes, brings me coffee in the morning, helps with cooking, takes out the trash, and that's not all. He opens doors for me, always keeps himself between me and traffic when escorting me, and drops me off at the door or runs to get the car in the parking lot if it's raining.

And every time he knows he's doing something good, he smiles playfully at me and says, "I know how this goes. That's what my dad always does for my mom."


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