Finding a Treasured Book
August 5, 2015
Finding a Treasured Book

Dear Dr. Laura, 

I have been a faithful listener of your program for countless of years. I also was blessed to have four children and stayed at home where a mother belongs. I was able to be a professional wallpaper hanger by working around my husband's schedule when the kids were older so they were never alone with complete strangers. When mothers say they can't stay home because they need to work, that is a crime. We treat our pets better than our children. 

Now that two of my kids are married with children of their own, I am proud they work from home only when the babies are napping. I am never pressured, as some of my friends are, to be a replacement for Mommy and Daddy. Only a true parent can do that. I absolutely adore my time with the babies when I get to touch, kiss, love, and teach them how much they were wanted. 

I have also bought your book "In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms" for my daughter and daughter-in-law. I continue to purchase more and give them out as baby shower gifts.  Recently, I was at a store looking for a few cute children's books and the below "beauty" popped up. I immediately bought this treasure and asked the cashier, "Do you realize how incredible this book is?" Her response was why? I explained how it is life changing for parents. She was very interested, so I bought it and immediately gave it back to her and said, "This is a gift from Dr. Laura." Her face lit up as if she just won the lottery. 

Thank you, Dr. Laura, for reminding me every day to choose wisely and treat kindly. After 38 years, I am still my kids' "mom" and my husband's "girlfriend". 



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