The Dynamics of Men and Women
November 25, 2019
The Dynamics of Men and Women


Dr. Laura I am a 21-year-old young man and was directed to read one of your books. The "Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands", then proceed to give it to my significant other. I have done so and apparently she is a fan of yours I did not know!

I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of a lot of men who are in relationships and marriages. This book helps explain and put into words what most of us cannot do or detail to our spouses. Specifically the emotions we hold back most of the times. The book also made me realize that we as humans always assume we do not have enough time. When we lie to ourselves enough we eventually believe.  

Your book has really helped me understand the dynamic of how women think and how we should be as men. Thank you for bringing forth a great book and I look forward to reading all of the others!

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Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM