'Raising' Children
May 23, 2017
'Raising' Children

I heard a very funny comment this weekend that I thought would give you a laugh. My oldest son had his 8th birthday party and we invited friends from his class at school.

A father of a classmate came. I did not know this man. He was kind but asked what I did before I was a stay at home mom. I said I was a school teacher. He asked if I would go back to work after my kids were raised. I answered that I wasn't sure. He then told me that his wife loved staying home to raise their kids but now that they were raised she went back to work. I had to hold my laugh. His youngest daughter was in 1st grade!

I guess 1st graders are now considered raised! HAHA!!!! My kids are nowhere near raised! I still need to teach them to empty the garbage, use deodorant, and floss their own teeth correctly!


Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM