Are Parents to Blame for Unhappy Kids?
July 16, 2015
Are Parents to Blame for Unhappy Kids?

Parents today have gotten so caught up in straight A's, select sports teams, top-tier colleges, and even top-tier preschools that the social and emotional aspects of a child's psyche have gone completely by the wayside. 

In the day, children had the freedom to explore and play. They were allowed to take things apart and figure out how to put them back together again. Kids had downtime to be creative and develop an interest in something. Nowadays, parents overemphasize grades and athletic prowess, and practically have a heart attack when their kids want to draw, dance, or play music. 

Many kids find school boring, but they do have a passion for something else. Yet, their parents eliminate that passion as punishment for bad grades. It's no wonder why these kids become depressed, drink, and sneak out at night. 

As a parent, you need to help your child pursue their interests, not yours. You also need to do it with enthusiasm. Only when kids are engaged in their passions do they put in the time and effort required to master something. 

Our country has a record number of kids with mental illness. They are unhappy. They have horrible relationships. Why? Because children today are brought up only to be concerned with externals (money, success, and how they look to others). Kids are no longer taught to be driven by internals (making a difference, serving others, and following their dreams). 

I implore parents to pay more attention to their kids. What do your kids have a passion for, and how can you give them the support they need to pursue it? 

Posted by Staff at 12:01 AM