If I Could Turn Back Time
December 18, 2018
If I Could Turn Back Time

In my twenties and early thirties, I enjoyed a successful career in the financial services industry.  One of my first hires was perfect for the job, but a few months after we hired her, she told me she was newly pregnant and decided she was going to stop working and raise their child, so she wanted to give me ample notice in order to replace her.  I was FURIOUS!  I couldn't hide my disappointment and basically shooed her out of my office.  I was so removed from being a wife and mother at that time that all I could selfishly think of was how this affected ME.... how it was inconvenient for ME.  I wish I could turn back time and show the compassion and gratitude she deserved for giving me so much notice.

Time moved on, and so did my career.  I married at 34, had two kids in succession, and I tried to keep my career afloat with an abbreviated schedule.  I justified this by saying that I ONLY worked three days a week, but my career always came first.  I started listening to you when I was pregnant with my third child, and you started seeping into my thinking.  After I came back to work from my maternity leave, something happened at work that began to affect my usual positive cheerful self at home.  That's when I gave my notice.  It was really liberating!  I just knew I was doing the right thing.  Thirteen years later, my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

I've made the most of being my kids' mom ever since and know that my decision was one that forever made a huge difference for my kids AND my husband, who is the best boyfriend I have ever had.


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