The BEST Anniversary Gift
May 23, 2017
The BEST Anniversary Gift

Dr. Laura:

On our 25th wedding anniversary, our 21-year-old daughter wrote the following note to my husband and me:

I cannot possibly express my gratitude to you both in a card, as the wonderful opportunity-filled lives my siblings and I lead are all thanks to your relationship.  Mom, you once told me that sharing my life with you is all the thanks you needed.  And now, as life is changing and I'm graduating from college, I find comfort in knowing that our family will always be close, and no matter what changes, we will all find time to gather back together.

I imagine marriage has its difficult periods, but I admire the commitment to each other that the two of you have, as well as the mutual respect, and the ability to find humor in the good and the bad.  

I love you both and hope the years to come are even better than the ones gone by.





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