Kids and College
May 31, 2013
Kids and College

I think that kids should go to college when they're ready; that's not always at the age of 18. I think kids should go if they have a passion for something which they want to develop in a particular direction. Without a passion for your subject, it would be a rather empty experience, I would have thought. I went back at 28; I was ready to commit, and I had a passion for what I studied - that's the only reason why I was able to finish (after many failed attempts in my late teens/early twenties).

Having said this, I don't think college is for, or should be for, "everyone". A lot of what college tries to do is to push our minds into a particular corner in the way we think and view the world. They do this under the guise of "expanding our minds"; but, really, they are just attempting to hardwire whatever agenda they uphold in to our brains (whether it be liberal or conservative).

Before graduating myself, I used to be able to enter a room and pick out everyone who had a college degree without even knowing anyone. This isn't because they were the smartest people in the room, but because they had a robotic quality to them: they talked the same way, laughed the same way, held themselves in the same manner. I always thought that was sad.

I always like what Matt Damon's character said in the film "Goodwill Hunting" when he was talking to a haughty college student: "You're just pissed because you dropped 150 grand on an education that you could have got for $1.50 in late fines down at your local library" ...

That's the good stuff!!


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