The Difference Between Kindness and Weakness
January 18, 2018
The Difference Between Kindness and Weakness

Far too many people misuse the concept and idea of kindness. Tolerating things that are unacceptable is not being nice - it’s being passive and weak. Nice is a quality of an individual. Passive and weak is a lack of action and a refusal to deal with things. You can deal with things in a nice manner, but not dealing with them and bowing to somebody else’s strengths and desires is not you being nice.

You need to tell folks when you think their behavior is unacceptable. We all have a right to express what we’re thinking and feeling, especially when we’re being hurt. Staying quiet when you’re treated poorly only gives someone permission to continue hurting you. You aren’t being mean when you ask people to treat you kindly and with respect.

Help those who want to be helped, but don’t keep begging people to be happier if they are refusing. Share your kindness with those who will embrace being uplifted. Take stands, give your opinion, and follow your beliefs because kindness does not mean weakness.

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Photo by Gavin Whitner

Posted by Staff at 8:53 PM