Love Them Well, And They Will Love You Back
November 5, 2018
Love Them Well, And They Will Love You Back

Nine years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage Four colon cancer.  I had to wear a colostomy bag for three months after they removed twenty inches of colon!

My husband got in the shower every day from day one to clean and replace my bag.  I could hardly stomach the idea.  He held my head and cleaned me up after I got sick from chemotherapy.  He did that for eleven months.  

He wasn't always this man.  When I met him, he was uptight and angry.  I LOVED him into the man he is today.  If you love someone, you keep showing them that you love them, and if they're good men, that love will come back in spades.  We've been married for thirty years and obviously have been through a lot.  We just keep getting stronger.

I'm amazed at the women who call in and talk to you about their husbands and who just don't "get" it.  Love them well, and they will love you back with the same intensity.


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