Dogs and Day Care
December 18, 2012
Dogs and Day Care

Hi Dr. Laura,

This year, my husband, son and I traveled 750 miles to spend Thanksgiving with my oldest son who is 21 and in the Air Force.

I am a stay-at-home mom, who has always delighted in creating a warm and pleasant environment for my family.  Well, to prepare for this trip I had to leave our "children" (two black labs) at a local kennel. I found this very stressful since it would be 5 days away from them and I wasn't sure what to expect.

Two weeks before our planned departure, I called my vet and asked people at our local dog park for recommendations. I then visited and toured various kennels, asked questions and called references.  I finally felt comfortable with a place and made arrangements for them. I have to admit I did call once during our trip to see how they were doing!

HERE is the shocking part...

I was telling someone this story and she was APPALLED and SHOCKED that my DOGGIE DAY CARE cost more than what she spends for HER KIDS in their day care....

I'm still speechless.


Posted by Staff at 6:16 AM