She Chose to Sit with Me
May 6, 2013
She Chose to Sit with Me

My favorite memory about my mom is a very simple one, yet I think of it often. I was about 4 years old, and I had chicken pox. I was miserable. My mom held me on her lap in the rocking chair and just rocked me. This was significant to me because although I knew she loved me, she was very busy. She was home with us all the time, but she had 3 young kids and a household to run.  She was (and still is) my dad's girlfriend.  She has always had a bazillion animals and a large garden, so she was always busy. I remember feeling so important because she had CHOSEN to simply sit and rock me. I have always felt important in her life because of simple actions like this on her part.

Because of my mom, I do the same with my 3 boys, who are with me at our family-owned business everyday. I take time to just be with THEM. I know how much it meant to me, and I hope they know how much I love them.


Posted by Staff at 11:15 AM