What I Wish I Could 'Re-Do' in my Marriage
August 23, 2012
What I Wish I Could 'Re-Do' in my Marriage

It seemed like it happened quickly -- my marriage was falling apart before my eyes. I mentioned my situation to a retired woman who had been divorced for several years. Her only comment was “try to appreciate him more.”

In hindsight, the marriage had been deteriorating for many years, but the business of life kept me from seeing or addressing it. I had stretched myself too thin with PTA, a busy social schedule and a demanding job. I was always tired. Imagine that!

On the long drive home, I was alone with my thoughts and realized how many times I missed the opportunity to appreciate the man who gave me great children and a beautiful life.

Once I was able to be honest with myself and admit that I had fallen short in the relationship, I saw things differently. I knew I had to change some things if this was going to work.

Sure enough, after a couple weeks of an attitude adjustment on my part, my husband started to respond and reciprocate. Oh, how I wish I could have recognized my shortcomings sooner.

Here's to many more years with the man I love!


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