A Thoughtful Act While I Was Sick
June 28, 2013
A Thoughtful Act While I Was Sick

Hi Dr Laura,

I was in the hospital having a hysterectomy. I had never been in the hospital before, and I was just languishing in that awful place: My bed was horribly uncomfortable, I wore the hospital supplied gown, my nether regions were caked in dried blood, and I couldn't get around yet.

The night of the surgery I had been throwing up from the anesthesia and my roommate was so kind to ring for the nurse for me a couple of times.

I felt so alone there. I compared my state to my roommate, who had an egg crate cushion, a lovely night gown and slippers, a fluffy pillow with a beautiful pillow case on it, and a basket with stationery for writing thank you letters for all the flowers and well wishes she had received.

The next night, my boss from work came to visit. I was so happy to see her. She said, "I have something for you" and presented me with a flannel night gown. I burst into tears immediately. She laughed, and put it on me.  I was transformed from a patient to a human being immediately. This was THE kindest thing anyone has ever done for me, and I let it motivate me when I'm comforting the sick or dying.


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