The Voice Within
May 5, 2017
The Voice Within

My granddaughter's friend was going into rehab for an eating disorder, so she wrote this. Obviously, I think it is wonderful. So much feeling. She is starting college this fall and wants to be a physician. We are very proud of her. I just had to share it. -- Georgia

The Voice Within
Allie Doles

I feel him in your eyes
I hear him in your voice
I see him kill you, slowly
I taste him in your actions
I smell him in the midnight air
More than all of this, I know.

I feel him pierce your soul
I feel the pain he causes you
I feel the tears roll down your face
I feel the hasty jerks of his violent spells
I feel him stab you, metaphorically yet so physically
More than I feel, I know.

I hear him tell you that you are "ugly"
I hear you tell yourself how much you hate him
I hear him tell you that you aren't "good enough"
I hear you tell him "no" as he yells louder and louder until you finally give in
I hear the words your heart screams, though your mind hears only a muffled whisper
More than I hear, I know.

I see you lose yourself, all because of him
I see you suffer every day, every single day
I see you die because of the lies he tells you
I see you do things your normal self would never do
I see the way you are deceived and painfully realize that all I can do is pray
More than I see, I know.

I taste your desire to overcome him
I taste the repercussions of his lies in the air
I taste each fabrication as he so blissfully spits it out
I taste the droplets of sorrow as they silently hit the ground
I taste his evil words as they flow so beautifully from your lips
More than I taste, I know.

I smell the lies he manipulates you into believing
I smell the fear released from your body all day long
I smell the aftermath of his many false claims of truth
I smell the odors of the things he has taught you to love
I smell odoriferous villains he sends to pace all around you
More than I smell, I know.

I know you hate him
I know you want him to leave
I know you can't go on like this forever
I know are scared to tell him it's "okay" to go
I know you are scared to release your power of control
I know.

More than I feel the demon
More than I hear the demon
More than I see the demon
More than I taste the demon
More than I smell the demon
More than I know the demon
I believe.

I believe in you, not him
I believe you can overcome
I believe you can defeat him
I believe that my prayers will one day be answered
I believe in the power of the Almighty God that I so reverently serve
I believe.

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