I Finally Got It!
March 11, 2019
I Finally Got It!

I pretended that you were on my shoulder this morning as I mulled over my frustration, worry, and concern for my 32-year-old single mom stepdaughter, and how I was disappointed in her decisions (such as living with a new stud and his kids), and I was afraid of the long-term effects on her three-year-old daughter).  I have argued with my husband too, trying to convince him that he needs to knock some sense into his daughter.  Then I heard you say to me: "STAY OUT OF IT! Your stepdaughter is an adult and anything you or your husband say is not going to change or influence a thing."  I could keep arguing and be miserable, I could leave my husband, or I could just bite my tongue.  

I chose the third option and what a relief it has been.  I can now sleep at night, and our home is peaceful.   When I catch wind of my stepdaughter's next stupid decision, I just go about my business.  

It took me a while, but I finally got it.  Thank you for your wisdom (even though we never actually had a real conversation)!


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