The First Time Ever I Heard Your Voice
April 19, 2012
The First Time Ever I Heard Your Voice

Dear Dr. Laura,

I didn't know your name but I knew exactly who you were that day I was scanning the AM dial looking for some football talk and heard you say, "My God, you women act like you are sleeping with the enemy!"

I said aloud in my car, "This is that woman! It's gotta be! She wrote that book my ex-fiancee owned that had about five layers of dust on it. What was it called? Oh yeah! "10 Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives." This is her, I just know it!”

And then I listened to caller after caller ask you how their best laid and impossible plans could have failed so miserably, even though they made the exact same mistakes I did. And then I heard you say with your wonderfully sassy sarcasm, "Yes, even though my eyes are green."

So I had lunch in my car the next day, and the next day and the next day. I'll have you know I've missed some really good football talk the past decade because of you, Dr Laura, and I thank you for every minute of it.


P.S.  That ex-fiancee with the dusty book?  Well, she and I work for the same company so I still run into her occasionally. She's since married, has a two-year old daughter and is going to counseling with her husband (who's moved out). She and I are civil toward each other these days, so I bought her a brand-spanking new, non-dusty "Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage" and asked her to please try hard as she can to not let her daughter down.

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