Marriage - The Early Years
May 30, 2012
Marriage - The Early Years

Hi Dr. Laura,

Wow, a trip to memory lane! I must say that my most favorite memory of the early years of our marriage would have to be when we spent romantic evenings riding on the Bahia Belle on Mission Bay in San Diego: the night air on our faces, the aroma of salt water, listening to the band, dancing and just plain enjoying each other. It was like being on vacation without actually being on vacation. Then again, living in San Diego in general makes you feel that way. We went sailing and once or twice water skiing with one of my husband's friends.

Having a child and changes in our lifestyles over the years made it a bit harder to do the things we used to do. Now that I am thinking of it, I can suggest to him we find the time to do these things once again. Thank you for this topic. It really made me stop and think.


your fan Laurie


My family--mom, dad, two sisters, niece, etc--go camping every year at a local state park and have for the past 34 years of my life, since I was 12.

The second year of our marriage, my hubby was not able to get off the week of the camping trip. Instead, he sent me and my 3 year old daughter, (his stepdaughter) on without him, planning to drive on up that weekend.

He didn't. He chose to ride up with my ex-husband, someone neither one of us was very fond of at the time. (He and I had divorced due to his alcoholism.) But since my ex had joined AA and was making a concerted effort to 'make nice', my darling husband thought it was a good opportunity to do his part. After all, they both loved the same women--me, and the little one. Plus, he wanted to make sure my ex was not drinking (despite his alcoholism, we had been unable to get his visitation changed to supervised).

So, after spending 8 hours in a truck with a man he had to make nice with, he arrived at the park. Found the family down at the and my little one in the river. He walked into the water, clothes, shoes, and all. In that moment, all he saw was me, all he wanted was to get to ME.

It was one of the most romantic things ever.



Dr. Laura,

The first five years of my almost 37 year marriage was so memorable because we had just enough: Just enough to get by on, only a black and white TV, no cable, or new technology. My husband and I who are music lovers would put on a record or 2 and play cards, just the two of us. We would talk and laugh or sometimes go for a late night drive with the windows down listening to the car radio and I sat right next to him (bench seats) and we would just BE together. Now, if we have a storm and the power is off sometimes (but not always) we forget what to do and how to just be in the moment.



After 2 long years of graduate school in different states, my husband and I were finally through with school and newly married. I remember lying in bed with my husband one night thinking about how grateful I was that we were together and had our whole lives in front of us. I remember thinking don't ever forget how this feels right now and I haven't. Sixteen years and 2 kids later, I still remember how I felt that night and try not to take one moment with my family for granted.



One of my fondest memories was when we went out into the desert to see Haley's Comet. It started raining, but we were secure in our tent. It rained hard all night long, but we were safe, dry, and warm. We also, had each other.



One of my favorite memories from the first few years of marriage is frequently staying up until 2am on weeknights, drinking beer, eating candy, and making up our own house rules to monopoly...that was pre-kids of course (smiles).



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