I Like Being a Man
April 26, 2012
I Like Being a Man

Dr. Laura:

After reading your books, listening to you for years and enjoying your website, I understand more about what makes me tick and no longer try to be anything but what I want to be - a decent guy. If a woman won't accept that, I politely say goodbye. I am no longer ashamed to hold a door for a lady, and know if she insists on getting her own door she isn't worth my time! If a woman insists on paying half for a dinner, there is not going to be a second meeting! If a woman won't permit me to walk her to her car after dark, she is soon forgotten! It pains me greatly to have to differentiate between a lady and a female, but I am a man and I will not be denied my simple pleasures!

I like being a man! I like getting the door for a lady! I like walking a lady to her car...selfish reason here: I get to spend more time talking with her! I like paying for dinner...especially when she says thank you!

They are all silly little things that don't amount to much, but they make me feel good! Did I mention when I get the door for her, I get to enjoy how she smells as she walks by? That I get to see her smile when I compliment her?  I LOVE BEING A MAN!!!!

You have said men are very simple. We really are. We only want the most precious gifts a woman has to give: her time, her love, and her acceptance. Important thing here: we don't want those gifts handed to us, we want to earn them - please indulge us!


Posted by Staff at 4:05 PM