Persistence and Positive Attitude
August 9, 2012
Persistence and Positive Attitude

Hello Dr. Laura,

I really appreciated your recent discussion on jobs for the jobless.

About two years ago, my husband had just graduated law school and was having difficulty finding a job even though he did everything right (went to a top law school, worked great internships while still in school, and volunteered for several free legal clinics to help the less fortunate).

Luckily, we don't have any kids so we were able to survive on my salary alone, but it was extremely difficult to watch him struggle for a year without a job. Through it all, I learned to appreciate that I married a real man.  He submitted over three thousand applications in that time period, while keeping a positive attitude, even though there were applicants with more experience applying for the same jobs. He also made money through donating plasma, participating in medical research studies, picking up any cases he could as a contract lawyer, and volunteering three times a week in free legal clinics to connect with people in his field. It was the volunteer work that led him to his future employer. I'm happy to say he has been working a job he loves for a year now.

Thanks for all you do to advocate individuals to make smart life and family decisions.


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