Changing Course
September 17, 2012
Changing Course

Three years ago my husband and I were so out-of-sync with one another that our marriage was officially starting to crumble; we were systematically taking steps for a divorce. I have NEVER been in such a dark place in all my life! I knew that this decision would affect 3 others' lives (our children).

Since I am an independent-type woman and do not wear my problems on my sleeve, I suffered in silence. But, an angel was sent to me. An amazing woman moved a few streets over and happened to attend my same church where we met. We started running in the mornings together. Each morning she was my therapist just listening to my heartache. One day, though, she encouraged me to do something -- to read your "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" book. I had such enmity towards my husband that it took days for bits of my pride to be chinked away. After several weeks of counseling with my angel-friend, prayer on my knees, listening to that inner Spirit guide me, and buckets of tears, I implemented a few of your truths. My husband responded!!

Our progress was so slow because of our open scars and because of the need to rewind a divorce-is-eminent mindset. In the end, our relationship was stronger than ever before -- probably because we had gone to hell and back. One evening after a surprise dinner I had made for my honey (with the kids off to a friend's house) and some amazing lovemaking, in the afterglow of it all he asked excitedly, "Will you marry me?" as we laughed and burst with so much love for one another. During that moment, and too-numerous-to-count since then, I feel deeply Shakespeare's words: "I can no answer make but thanks, and thanks."

I had no idea of the spiritual, emotional, and physical impact our stronger marriage would have upon my soul. I became healthier physically than ever before, dropping much weight. I felt unstoppable because life was rockin'! So my honey asked me what I wanted to do with this new passion. That sent me on a journey to become a certified personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and certified weight management consultant. I run my training business out of my studio gym in my home. Over this past year I have found myself using your principles and many others to be somewhat of a life coach for the women I train physically.

I decided to put my experience and training into a real program to help more women that I cannot personally train. It's been a lot of work writing my training program, but a few weeks ago Tate Publishing offered me a contract to publish my program. If I help one mother out there it will be worth all of the work because she will affect generations. As my mind continues nonstop to think of how I can expand my business and follow the compellings from God to do this, you popped in my head this morning. I would be remiss if I didn't simply say, "Thank you, Dr. Laura, for following what YOU are compelled to do."


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