No More Nagging About Homework
October 3, 2012
No More Nagging About Homework

My son and I would struggle every evening with homework, because my son could not sit and focus once he got home from school.

My solution to this problem was to meet him at his school's library every day after school. We did all of his homework there, and if he didn’t write down that day's assignment, we would walk to the classroom and read the lesson that was written on the chalkboard. We did this for three years, and when he went to high school he found time during his day at school to complete most of his homework.

I discovered that in going to the library, he was still in “school mode” and he never complained.  Plus, if we needed help with the homework, there were a lot of smart teachers to assist us. My life with my son was much more enjoyable because, once we got home, there was no more nagging, pleading or me crying.

Please share this with your frustrated moms.  It was a lifesaver for me.


Posted by Staff at 3:23 PM