October 27, 2010
YouTube Pulls Anti-Abortion Ad
IconMissy Smith is running for Washington D.C. delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives.  She is running against incumbent Eleanor Holmes Norton and claims to have the backing of the Tea Party movement.   What is most interesting about this candidacy?  She is running largely as an anti-abortion candidate.  She runs a 30 second ad which will air 24 times on local broadcast network affiliates across the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, preceded by a 15 second warning that was added by the station's administrators.   Her 30 second ad was pulled from YouTube, posting a notice that it amounted to a "violation of YouTube's policy on shocking and disgusting content." What is the ad?  It's 30 seconds of still photos of aborted babies.  Missy Smith's voiceover admits to her having had two abortions: "I was told it's not a baby.  They lied to me. They exploited me.  Then I learned the truth and I've suffered for years.  And believe me, I am angry.  My heart has been ripped out.  Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Norton...they all support the murder of babies and the abuse of women by abortion.  It's time to make child-killing illegal again." I've been rolling around in my mind YouTube's comment on "shocking and disgusting."  Yes, the murder of innocent babies in the womb is shocking and disgusting in a civilized society.  Dead babies ripped apart aren't really pretty.  But it is the truth.   If it's really that gruesome, should it be a "right?" We can have daily abortions by the thousands.  Why can't we look at what it is exactly that's happening? I went on YouTube and explored by using words like "shocking," "disgusting," "vulgar," "mean," and others.  And what happened?  Videos appeared with subjects like atrocious sexual exploits with links to sites with "more more more," fart compilations, squeezing pus from boils, and a snake eating a hamster. I agree with YouTube that using stills of aborted children amounts to "shocking and disgusting content."  I challenge every single Planned [un]Parenthood clinic to show women coming in for abortions these photos, and THEN let them choose.  I challenge every high school to show photos of aborted babies the same way they show horrible shots of car accidents to alert young people to the dangers of drunk driving. It is shocking and disgusting to me and many others that people find it just fine to murder babies in their bodies without  seeing the sonograms of their babies moving in their womb, without looking at photos of the baby at the level of development of theirs, and without seeing the final result of the abortion.   Choosing  without being totally informed is not really make a choice. It is hiding  from actually making a choice. Unwanted babies are wanted by some other family. If a continuation of a pregnancy threatens the life of the mother, abortion would be reasonable in self-defense.  If a continuation of a pregnancy will result in a baby that will certainly die shortly after birth, in compassion, an abortion would be reasonable.  But to waste a perfectly good baby over disinterest, inconvenience, embarrassment, and even economics is really  shocking and disgusting. You can find Missy Smith's website at www.missysmith2010.com .  Check it out. Sometimes truth hurts.

Posted by Staff at 2:12 PM