July 27, 2010
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Five Ways to FeelEmpowered During Challenging Times
By Anne Mattos-Leedom

Times are tough. Everyone isstruggling one way or another. Perhaps you are being beaten down by theeconomy. You may be watching everything you have built over the yearsslip away. Or you could be one of the millions today who live inconstant fear as you hang on by just a small thread every day.

There is a trickle affect this challenging economy brings to our lives.Relationships with our partners become more stressed as money becomestight and depression and stress fill the air. We can't provide the besteducation and other opportunities for our children and we may be facinga retirement in which we will still be working long after we had hopedto slow down.

All of these fears and stresses add up to an ongoing dread that peopleare facing every day, and in many cases it brings a loss of hope aboutthe future that many have never faced before. Coping with thisemotional trauma is the most important priority we all face. When weare depressed and frightened it is hard to be effective in any part ofour lives. Here are five strategies to help you cope and find strengthduring these challenging times.
  1. Surround yourself with positive people.This is getting harder and harder to do, granted, However, there arepeople who, in spite of their circumstances, forge ahead and find waysto approach each day with optimism and excitement. You may have fewerfriends if you follow this strategy, but the ones you have will liftyou up and motivate you daily.
  2. Do something you love everyday. Forme, I couldn't cope without my music. Going for a drive each morningand listening to music fills my soul, reminds me what I care about andgives me the motivation I need to pursue my life every day with focusand enthusiasm.
  3. Stay organized. When things getdifficult it is very easy to lose track of everything. Time, paperwork,schedules, appointments and even people all seem to fall into a blackhole, simply adding to our frustration. Don't let chaos become your newbest friend. Stay clear and keep your life, professionally andpersonally organized. Nothing is more draining than spending hourstrying to find something essential that has been misplaced, orreestablish connections that have been damaged due to living our livesin havoc.
  4. Get Up and Move. While exercise isideal and essential at all times, during emotional stress it is moreimportant than ever to move our bodies. Research is clear that movingyour body releases chemicals that make it easier to cope with stress.Work with your circumstances, not against them. A simple walk or a gameof Wii can work wonders to keep your mood up.
  5. Give Yourself a Break. It really isok that things are not going as you had planned in life. Your financesand circumstances may have changed drastically, but if you can find theopportunities in the darkness, you may discover a new life you willlove even more. Relationships do change, but they can change for thebetter. Most challenges bring wonderful new choices. If you allowyourself to let go of what has happened and give yourself permission tolook for a new and different life, you may find that everything IShappening for a reason. You will see that it all really will be ok inthe long run.
We can't control the journey butwe can always control how we experience the journey.

Anne Mattos-Leedom is theFounder of
www.netconnectpublicity.com, a premier online placement agency forexperts and authors. She is also the publisher of www.parentingbookmark.com,a national parenting website for raising kids who care. She lives inNorthern California.Permissiongranted foruse onDrLaura.com

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