June 15, 2011
Abortion and Fatherhood

Dear Dr. Laura,

This is regarding your recent opening commentary about fathers having no say regarding the abortion of their child -- even those fathers who are married to the mothers. That show really hit home hard.

My wife had an abortion 14 years ago. I asked her not to have it done. I know she regrets it now, but the damage has been done. We have 4 children who are now adults, and it takes me to my lowest low to know there should have been another. It easily brings me to tears when I look at our 4 wonderful human beings we created through the grace of God. I have guilt I did not do enough to protect my unborn child. I wish I grabbed that Dr. by the throat and slapped him around a few times, then we would have been thrown out of the office. Perhaps I would have had some business with the police, but my child would be here right now. That would have been the right thing to do. I am so ashamed. My guilt is overbearing at times and the despair is deep. I have written letters to my unborn child telling them there is a Daddy here who loves you so much and misses you. I am starting to cry as I write you.

I hope perhaps some women considering killing that person, in her womb really thinks about it and could feel my constant grief. My wife can't understand why I will not have sex with her. It has been 14 years and she is divorcing me. There is no way to fix this. I grieve my unborn child every day of my life. Abortion is murder, make no mistake. On the bright side the Dr. who did the abortion died @ 60. I bet it is hot in hell.


Posted by Staff at 12:00 AM