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You Strengthened Me As A Husband
July 03, 2020
Jeff thanks Dr. Laura for helping him to "step up" during his wife's cancer battle.
I Feel Like I'm Losing My Son
July 03, 2020
Kim finds herself very emotional as her son and his wife prepare to relocate.
I Miss My Family
July 03, 2020
Dana has struggled to be happy since the deaths of her parents and sibling.
My Mom Wants To Be My Buddy
July 03, 2020
With her stepmom by her side, Alexandria calls into the program to discuss her bio-mom's wish to be her "best friend" and not a "real mother" to her.
My Son Is Upset With Me For Kicking Him Out
July 02, 2020
Rosemary's 23-year-old son has resorted to name-calling and demeaning behaviors after the passing of his father.
I Haven’t Been My Husband’s Girlfriend
July 01, 2020
Darcey thought her husband was mean, that he didn't love her, and that her needs were not being she started texting another man!
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