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Mar 29, 2023 - Hour 1
Best Of / Bob doesn't know how to respond to a neighbor's child picking on his son.
Mar 29, 2023 - Hour 2
Best Of / Jennifer doesn't like when Larry goes out drinking twice a month with friends.
Mar 29, 2023 - Hour 3
Best Of / Robin struggles to move on from her husband's affair last year because he still works with the same woman.
Mar 28, 2023 - Hour 1
Best Of / Slade regrets telling his family about overcoming his drug addiction because of their new concerns.
Mar 28, 2023 - Hour 2
Best Of / Dawn wonders what she should do about her eight-year-old daughter losing her gaming console on the bus.
Mar 28, 2023 - Hour 3
Best Of / Brenda feels embarrassed by her father and his rude behavior in conversations with others.
Mar 27, 2023 - Hour 1
Best Of / Ever since family drama ensued at Lindsey's wedding, her aunt has been acting differently toward her.
Mar 27, 2023 - Hour 2
Best Of / Kara seeks Dr. Laura's input on how to navigate her upcoming match-making experience.
Mar 27, 2023 - Hour 3
Best Of / Kelly's 16-year-old daughter is beginning to act out, and Kelly needs advice!
Mar 24, 2023 - Hour 1
Best Of / Alyssa struggles with procrastination during her first semester in nursing school.