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Jul 27, 2021 - Hour 1
Lauren's husband is oblivious to his own angry outbursts.
Jul 27, 2021 - Hour 2
Tricia's seeking a comeback for people asking when she will retire.
Jul 27, 2021 - Hour 3
Megan's fear of divorce stops her from getting married.
Jul 26, 2021 - Hour 1
"Bratty Kids" / Emily's concerned about her boyfriend's behaviors.
Jul 26, 2021 - Hour 2
Tyler's bent about his stepdad's mean comments.
Jul 26, 2021 - Hour 3
Annie's husband is flirting with the secretary!
Jul 23, 2021 - Hour 1
Dr. Laura discusses "getting dumped" / Dawn's daughter doesn't agree with the rules.
Jul 23, 2021 - Hour 2
Robert's uncertain if he's doing the right thing for his fiancé.
Jul 23, 2021 - Hour 3
Victor's unsure if he should put blame on his son for a stolen scooter.
Jul 22, 2021 - Hour 1
Dr. Laura talks about "talking" / Dwayne fears hurting family by reaching out to his biological half-sister.