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5 Things You and Your Teen Should Know to Start a Business
IconBy Clifford Brabant Starting a new business can be a complex undertaking.  Your success depends on your knowledge and, ultimately, your execution of the knowledge you acquire. Time and money are precious resources. Use them wisely and follow these five ideas that may help you launch your new business effectively, profitably and with as few roadblocks as possible. Know Your Business ...and love it.  You should consider starting a business around something that you know well.  Having a good book of knowledge and a strong passion for your new business will increase your odds of success. Expand Your Knowledge ...However much you know about your business, it's probably not enough.  Do the research, take classes and read up on your business concept.  Research the competition.  Your competition can be a big assist in helping you to develop your ideas to their fullest extent so that your business succeeds Collaborate ...No matter how much you know about your topic, there are people out in the world who can move you along quickly in your business development process.  Use these people as tools to help you expand your ideas and help you better understand those things that are not your strength.  Be Positive ...Starting a business can be tiring, frightening, frustrating, and draining.  Remember, whatever you are attempting to do, someone has probably done something like it before, and they weren't special.  They were just hard working and positive.  You must develop a reasoned but unshakable positive attitude as you work your way to opening your business.  It's usually the implementation, not the idea that wins. There Are No Failures ...Believe it.  Things will not turn out the way you thought they would.  But, there are no failures.  Just opportunities to learn and adjust.  When something pops up a little different from the expected, ask why.  Then use the new knowledge and move on.  A positive attitude is a requirement for business success. While in the beginning the task of starting a new business may appear daunting, it really is nothing but a process.  There is a recipe for success and these 5 steps are the required ingredients.  Do your homework, learn as much as you can, seek the help of others and be positive.  Successful businesses are created every day...use your vision, passion and knowledge to see your dreams come to life and live the life you were meant to enjoy. offers Palz an opportunity to teach, enrich and interact with teens in the absence of a parent. For information, resources or to sign up as a Pal visit .
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