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Letters From Listeners

9:15AM and My Day Has Barely Begun...

Dr. Laura,

While I was sitting with my kids this morning, I was so incredibly happy I wanted to write it down so I'd remember it on a tougher day. In only a few moments I could visualize how my life could have been. I compared the two options in my head and I thought I'd share it with you...

Vision #1: The alarm goes off at 6:00 AM. I crack open my tired eyes and lumber to the bathroom. I go through the regular morning routine of showering, getting dressed, and eating a quick breakfast. The alarm sounds again at 7:00 AM for my husband to get up - he also goes through his morning routine - rushing to get out the door. Meanwhile, I have to wake and nurse the 9 month old, while watching the morning news and traffic reports. 7:30 AM. I change the baby and prop him in front of the TV with some toys and go wake the 2 year old. I rush him through his breakfast and get him dressed. In the background, my husband says good morning to the boys and sneaks out the backdoor to work. I barely saw him.

The clock is ticking away and I rush to inspect the day care bags I packed last night to make sure all the required items are there. I scurry to load the kids into the car, grab my work bag, purse, and the day care bags. I fight the morning traffic, hurriedly drop off the kids, and quickly shift gears to prepare myself for the work day. I do a mental check of my schedule: run through the meetings I'll need to attend, I have to proofread a presentation then deliver it before training our department, and work through lunch to get it all done before 6 PM today, hoping to be home by 7 PM to start dinner.

I'm sure there are a few things I've forgotten but there's no time to dwell on that now. I arrive at work at 9:15 AM. My day has barely begun and I'm already daydreaming about a nap...

That's how my mornings would have been had I stayed at my job. I am lucky though - my husband and I have decided to have me stay at home with the kids trading the financial luxuries that a second income affords for the priceless luxury of raising my children. Instead this morning went like this...

The alarm sounds at 7:00 AM. My husband starts his morning routine. The baby hears him in the shower and I fetch him from his crib. I take a few minutes to let him wake up and listen to him coo the sweetest word, "Mama" over and over. I start the coffee pot and settle in to nurse the baby in silence. My husband eats his breakfast and softly talks to me before he heads out to work. The 2 year old stumbles out of bed as I finish with the baby.

8:00AM. I change the baby and get the 2 year old his juice. He climbs up into the chair with me and we snuggle for about 20 minutes while the baby plays on the floor and we watch a kid's show on TV. He finally climbs down and I make our breakfast. We eat waffles together and talk about the shapes and colors we see in the kitchen. I set him free to play with his toys and toss some chicken into a marinade for dinner.

I do a mental check of my day: wash the breakfast dishes, there's two loads of laundry to wash, fold and put away, make lunch and dinner, play outside because it's beautiful - maybe go for a walk, and finally clean out the vacuum filter and make a pass through the whole upstairs.

I'm sure there are a few things I've forgotten, but nothing is ever set in stone for us. It is 9:15 AM, my day has barely begun, and I couldn't be happier.

My Kids' Mom,


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