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Letters From Listeners

A Good Mother- and Daughter-in-Law Relationship

Dr. Laura,

I have a wonderful granddaughter who belongs to my son. And I have to tell you he picked a keeper for his wife. I have never had to worry about my grandchild going hungry or being neglected. My daughter-in-law is a wonderful mother and wife.  I refer to her as my daughter and she refers to me as 2nd Mom.  She posted this below on my Facebook page for Mother's Day:

"2nd Mom Happy Mother's Day

You are such a special person to me and our family. I never dreamt how close we would become that day I met you in the Days Inn 11 years ago. Derek always bragged about how great his mom was and how I would love you… Little did I know you'd become a part of my heart. You held my hand through the whole 22 hours of labor when my mom couldn't be there. When you flew my mom in to see me after the birth, was one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever bestowed on me. It makes me cry just recalling unexpectedly seeing my mom's face walk into that hospital. Just a total wow!

You have always let me be lazy when I'm around you. You are so simple and easy to please. I truly have a home away from home. Thank you for loving me, loving and spoiling my baby, and for raising a good man.

I love you. Happy Mother's Day."

Dr. Laura, I told my son when he married his wife, she was the number one woman in his life. I also have to share one more thing. My daughter-in-law told me she loved my ex-husband because he was my son's dad, but she loved me because I was her friend. I felt that was the highest compliment I could ever get from my other daughter.

Dr. Laura, thanks for helping so many people everyday.

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