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Email of the Day

A Guiding Light

When I was 12, my dad (with whom I'm very close) came to me, sat me down and said to me "You are about to be a teenager soon.  When you're a teenager, you will think you are the smartest person in the world.  And when you think that, just keep in mind you will be at the dumbest period of your life."

My parents separated when I was 16 and my dad moved out.  But thanks to his lesson, I didn't do anything dumb (like get into drugs, alcohol or sex).  I graduated in the top ten of my high school class, got an engineering degree, and was able to support myself right out of college.  My dad has since gone to take care of his aging parents.

When I have kids, I will give them the same lesson my dad gave me.  Thank you, Dr. Laura for being a guiding light.

Tags: Bad Childhood-Good Life, Behavior, Divorce, Personal Responsibility, Regarding Dr. Laura, Values
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