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Email of the Day

A Look at You in My Mirror

I wrote this to my wife for no real reason. It made me think of a few callers you have had on your show who think they have to have the perfect body for their husbands. I call it "A look at you in my mirror!" 

You see an aging female that doesn't look like a "super model". I see the most precious, sweet, beautiful, desirable, sexy, sensual, feminine, woman that no air brushing could ever fake. You are the guidelines of what a "super model" is portrayed to be. A super model is a woman that flawlessly emanates natural beauty. A woman who can steal a man's attention and turn him into a wanting, needing, sex-desiring, fumbling idiot. You being that "super model", surrounded by a trusting, deep-matured committed love, leaves no needs unfulfilled for a man to eagerly "swim thru shark infested waters to bring his wife a lemonade" and go back again to get the little umbrella to shade the ice cubes. 

You see the gray coming into your hair as a sign of getting old. I see the maturing of our love and nature perfecting beauty. You see the aging in your face. I see your heart as it glows from your face. The "evidence of aging" is the depth of the beauty of your love you express to me when you smile at me. You see what you call "only the sacks your boobs came in". I see the hard work and commitment you gave to lose weight and be healthy so we can have more days together expressing and experiencing our love. You see the stretch marks and extra skin from giving birth. I see the most beautiful representation of a precious gift that only a woman's love can give to a man. I see the mothering love you gave to our children to protect, guide, support, and care for. I see the verification of beauty that only a truly loving and appreciative husband can see. 

You see a little fat around your waist and legs. I see the sexiest, most sensual curves, with desirable femininity that turns on a man's endless, almost uncontrollable need to show his wife what she does to him sexually. I struggle to find words that don't insult astounding feelings that could never be explained. I have an endless deep and respectful desire for you. I can't get enough of you! Making love to you seems to be the only way I can show you how much you mean to me. Knowing that I have your respect, admiration, and your desire, will give me the want and strength to gently and safely place you on the highest pedestal to be rewarded with the true beauty of your love that you give fully and only to me. 

Next time you look in the mirror, see what you have just read. Then you will see how breathtaking beautiful you truly are. 

Tags: Attitude, Marriage, Men's Point of View, Response to a Call, Sex, Stress
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