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Email of the Day

A Moment Of Inspiration

Dr. Laura:

I had a moment of inspiration blowing bubbles for my 12-month-old son.  When he saw the first batch of bubbles, all he could focus on was where they had disappeared.  It reminded me of the metaphor you use with some callers - "driving while looking in the rearview mirror" or hanging on to the past instead of looking to the future.

I decided there are two types of people:

  • The ones who look at where the bubbles are coming from with anticipation and excitement and

  • The ones, who like my toddler, look at the ground where old bubbles disappeared, still staring long after they are gone.

We really do miss out when we keep focusing on something that has happened and gone.  And it keeps us from being ready for the things about to come, such as......more bubbles!!

On the less serious side, you would have laughed to have seen me waving my arms, trying to get my little toddler's attention as he stared at the ground.  He ignored me and kept poking at the soapy watermarks.  I gave up for the moment, but I will return with more bubbles to take on another day!





Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Mental Health, Social Issues, Values
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