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Email of the Day

A Priceless Five Dollar Bill

I had a moment last week where I felt like the richest woman in the world, even though I’m really not. After the bills are paid, there is little left for trips to the movies, expensive toys or even a timely pedicure. However, my soon-to-be five-year-old and I always seem to have a fun time together... But it wasn't until last week when I saw things so clearly and realized I'm rich.

Every Thursday, my son and I look forward to walking to our neighborhood Farmers' Market. We walk from vendor to vendor sampling the goodies, picking out delicious fruits, veggies and cheeses together.  Our visit always ends at the booth where my son gets to hand-pick dog treats for our dog, Lady.

This week, as I collected my change for the doggie goodies, my son, Nathan, looked at me and said, "Can I have five dollars?" Never has he asked for money since part of our fun is TOGETHER picking out which peach will be the best, or what squash to cook tonight. I asked him "What do you need five bucks for?" And he replied, "It's a surprise." Curious, I handed him the money and watched as my little boy walked over to the flower stand. I watched closely as I saw him talking to the florist, showing his money and picking out a beautiful bouquet of flowers he'd proudly selected all by himself. He then walked back to me and said, "Here Mommy, I bought these for you". It was at that moment, I felt sorry for all the mothers who may drive a nicer car than me, but aren’t home enough to earn the complete love and trust from their children, as I have strived to always do, and, by the look of the lit up smiley face in front of me, proved I have done.

Thank you Dr. Laura for reminding women we cannot be replaced by hired help and no job (no matter how rewarding) will ever be worth more than those five dollar flowers.

With respect & admiration,

Nathan's Mommy

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