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Email of the Day

A Reminder about Second Marriages
Hi Dr. Laura

I just want to say to all the divorced or single parents with minor children to listen to your advice regarding marrying. I have been married for the second time for thirty years. We both had 2 preschool children coming into the marriage.
This has been a very hard marriage. When you tell folks the children will not be treated the same, you are right. To this day, my husband does not treat my kids the same. He is good to them, but different. They are now all grown with families and we have 10 grandkids between us. Even the grandkids are treated different.   And although we have been married 30 years, it doesn't mean it works. I wish I could have listened to you back then. I have made my life, but I don't wish this on anyone.

These divorced or single parents need to raise their kids until they are out of the house. The kids should be the most important people in their life.

Our children are good adults with good jobs. At least we did not screw up their lives too much. We were just lucky.

Thank you for letting me vent.

"A Fan"
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