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Email of the Day

A Wedding Gift from my Mother-in-Law

I want to tell you about the wonderful gift my mother-in-law gave me on our wedding day over 31 years ago.  As she helped her older son (my soon-to-be husband) into his tux jacket, she said to him:  “Well, Scott, you’re getting married today and you’re off to a new life.  Don’t ever forget who is Number One.

He kind of laughed and said “Yeah, Mom, I know it’s always you.”

She replied:  “No, it’s not.  From now on, your wife is always Number One!”

She gave this gift to my three sisters-in-law as well as (one by one) her four sons who married.

Is it any surprise all of us have a close and loving relationship with her?  And all four kids’ marriages are strong and healthy, and still going strong.

I passed this same gift off to my son and daughter as they each entered their own marriages in the past few years.


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