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Letters From Listeners

Addiction from a Spouse's Perspective

Dear Dr. Laura,

I want to thank you for sharing my blog about My Journey with My Addicted 16 Year Old with others.  And I want to share a comment I received from a fellow Dr. Laura fan. It read:

"I found your blog through your 1st post that was highlighted in Dr. Laura's daily email. I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being such a strong mother and for facing head on, the soul-sucking monster that is addiction. Perhaps, if my husband's mother or step-mother had been as strong and as determined as you to wrestle their son back from the brink, he wouldn't have had to go through the last 13 years of his life in and out of the clutches of chemicals and haze. Perhaps he would have chosen to begin - to really begin - taking control of his own destiny as a teenager or as a young man, rather than waiting to make the decision to get clean only after 2 DUI total wrecks including one with our infant son in the car (both, blessedly and thankfully were okay post crash). Perhaps he would have learned, back then, he was worth it and most of all, his life has worth. I am so thankful my son is safe and my husband is, for today at least, sober. I can only imagine the kind of man he would be today if he would have had a mother willing to fight for him as you are fighting for your son. So, from the point of view of a wife who has married someone who didn't have a lioness for a mother, thank you for doing all you are doing to ensure your son's future family has the man they deserve in their life. You are right, there is hope and I am inspired by you."  - By Anonymous posted on Almost Like Old Times on 10/28/11

My sharing the way my mother bear instincts are coming back to life, I am gaining strength from strangers, and they are gaining strength from me.

Thank you, Dr. Laura, for the strength you didn't even know you were pumping into my little village.



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