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Letters From Listeners

Adoption Works

My husband and I are married forever and have two sons and a daughter.

As soon as my then 15-year-old daughter asked me what would make her period late, I knew she was pregnant. There was no boyfriend in sight.  She had been sneaking out to see a boy she knew wasn't good enough to bring home. I was furious. I was beyond angry. I was just preparing to launch a nasty string of words condemning my daughter for the pregnancy when she stopped me with words of her own, "It's okay. I'm going to place the baby for adoption." Well, I was still angry; however, to her credit, my daughter took excellent care of herself during her pregnancy. She missed only one day of school. She took on a part time job. She worked with an agency and chose a young couple to raise her baby.

After she delivered this healthy baby, she was home for only three weeks before returning to school and work. Getting pregnant was certainly wrong; however, she made something very right from that. The baby is now three years old and absolutely cherished by his family. It feels so good to know that this family now exists where it did not before because of what my daughter did.

She is now in college, a fresh start, and has turned her life around. She made the best decision that could be made in that situation. Not a day goes by that I don't think about that child who has the most wonderful family.  God willing, someday, when the time is right, my daughter will have a wonderful family too.

Please, Dr Laura, keep speaking out for adoption. My daughter did the most loving thing she could do and for all of us.  Babies and families are precious.


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