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Letters From Listeners

Alvin The Cat And His Human Parents

Dear Dr. Laura,

A very big thank you for your time today. You have greatly helped me in the past and today was another winning conversation. I knew I was calling the right person. Telling me the that it was TIME to let go was what I needed to hear.

After I spoke to you, I postponed the appointment with the vet till the next day. So Alvin and I can spent the day together. My husband will be with me and the last person Alvin will see is me before he goes. I will do what is right for Alvin. I can see it in his eyes. He has been my faithful companion for 17 years. I chose him as a baby and I raised him well.

I have two other cats at home that are rescue cats which are very loving but nothing will ever be like my Alvin. Thanks against for being there for me and all the listeners that appreciate you sooooo much, as I do.



Tags: Character-Courage-Conscience, Health, Personal Responsibility, Relatives, Response to a Call, Stress, Values
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