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Email of the Day

An Epidemic Of Disrespect

Dear Dr. Laura:

School shootings have increased in the last 20 years, and so has the decline and focus on home life and the family.  In homes where both parents work, children are often "raised" by TV, video games, cell phones, and other devices.  Teachers no longer have the authority to discipline they once had.  Kids tell their version of what happened at school to the parents, and the parents proceed to tell the teachers off.  We're tearing down all levels of respect.  

I was a kid with ADD (but at the time, I was told it was "defiant disorder"), but I was channeled in the right direction with lots of outdoor play, imaginary play, and yes, sometimes a spanking because I was out of control.  I had a mom who greeted me every day after school, and a dad who got home shortly after 5 from work.  We lived a rather meager lifestyle, but I always felt safe and loved in our home.  We knew if Mom said "no,' then dad would back her up and vice-versa.  We had rules and consequences if those rules were broken.  I made plenty of mistakes, but none of them included hurting another human being or pointing a gun at someone (and we had several guns in our home).  I would never have dreamed of doing those things, and I believe strongly that it was a direct result of my home life.

I believe these things are lacking in our day, and I fear we will see more tragedies like this because our home life is no longer a priority.  I hope people awake to this epidemic before it is too late.  Thank you, Dr. Laura, for advocating for the family!  I am a proud stay-at-home mom.


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Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Character-Courage-Conscience, Parenting, Personal Responsibility, Social Issues
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