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Email of the Day

At a Fork in the Road

I wanted to share a success story from one of your disciples. I bought "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" a few months before my wedding and devoured it, only to receive two more copies of the book at my bridal shower! My husband and I are both 22-years-old and we have been married for six months.

Last week was the one year anniversary of the day he proposed to me. While I am not one to a care about holidays like Valentine's Day, I do care about our special days because I like to celebrate “us”.  I reminded him the day was approaching and suggested we do something special, to which he assured me we would and that he would surprise me.

Our "anniversary" arrived and I could not wait for him to return home from work! I didn't start making dinner, because surely our special evening would include a fabulous meal! Daniel arrived home from work whistling and in a great mood, only to inform me that he would be eating whatever I had prepared for dinner very quickly because he needed to fix something on the car that evening.

At that moment, I had two routes that I could go. One would be to pout, turn into a grouch and make him pay for this "trespass" against me. I chose the other route, which was to cheerfully whip him up dinner, give him a kiss and laugh to myself about his forgetfulness. I reminded myself that the reason it probably wasn't on the forefront of his mind was because he had been working all day to provide for me!

I chose to not remind him what day it was, because I knew he would feel terrible for forgetting! Thankfully, he arrived at the conclusion by himself and called me into the next room to give me a hug and apologize for forgetting. We laughed about it and he promised to take me out the next night to whatever restaurant I wanted. We sat and recounted the day he popped the question, and when his eyes filled with tears when he was remembering that day, my heart was bursting with thankfulness that I had chosen to DO THE RIGHT THING and not make him "pay"! He loves me and did not forget about me on purpose!!

I write this not to convince you that I am an awesome person, but to encourage women to keep the right perspective and choose to be loving and sweet. It is amazing how much more peaceful we are when we don't have the mindset that we deserve to be princesses all the time!

Sincere thanks to you,


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