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Letters From Listeners

Avoid the Criticism

Dr. Laura,

A little while ago, you asked for ideas for maintaining a good marriage. My suggestion is to know when to keep your mouth shut. It took me a lot to learn how to be a good partner.

Example: On my birthday, my wonderful bride brought home a 1/2 gallon of Eggnog. This is my holiday weakness. She brought the "full" variety. I always buy the "lite" to save some fat calories Yes I know both are not health food. I might have said: "Why didn't you buy the lite?" But, I kept my mouth shut.

She made a kind and thoughtful act and why would I want to hurt her by being critical? Sure, this is a small matter, but the small, everyday matters add up. In a marriage, know when to keep your mouth shut, is critical. Look for the good and avoid criticism.

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