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Email of the Day

Becoming a 'Mom' House

Dear Dr. Laura, 

A lot happened to make our decision for me to stay at home a final one, but these three things stand out in my mind... 

First - My husband traveled for his job and I was working at a Fortune 500 company. We would see each other driving on opposite sides on the freeway and wave to each other going to and from work. 

Second - One day, my care giver called me at work to tell me my son had just lost his first tooth and she and he were very excited! I went into the bathroom and cried. 

Third - While I was picking up my son at day care, a father walked in to pick up his girls.  They turned, smiled, and put their arms out and said, "Daddy".  In that instant, my son turned to the man, put his arms out and also said, "Daddy." I thought my heart would break. I really didn't think he thought this man was his dad, or did he? 

On the hour drive home I asked myself "What are you working for???????" When my husband came home we had a very long talk. It turns out he only agreed because he thought it was what I wanted.  And the decision was made for me to stay home.  We drove cars until they wouldn't move, we didn't have a huge home nor did we wear designer clothes. Instead we focused on our family and each other.  It was the best decision I ever made - besides marrying him. To this day, my boys and their friends talk about how our home was the "Mom" house if anything happen to them, from needing a Band-Aid or just being scared. Our kids need us. It's not so bad driving a 10 year old car; in fact it's worth it! 

Thank you Dr. Laura for all you do! 

My warmest regard, 


Tags: Behavior, Day Care, Parenting, Personal Responsibility, Stay-at-Home Mom
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