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Email of the Day

Behaving like a Foolish Wife
IconDr. Laura you were right. I have listened to you for several years, and heard you say multiple times that to approach a man in a sweet, feminine way was the most attractive, effective way. I thought I knew it all before I got married, and that I would be the best, wisest, most Dr.-Laura-educated wife. However, just months after my marriage, I made mistakes that would make you want to rip my hair out - I was whining and complaining, and nagging to my husband to get my way. After trying to get my husband to go to a family gathering for weeks in my foolish, nagging way, I was not getting my way, and both my husband and I were stressed from it. Then, one day, when my husband came home from work tired and stressed out, my Dr. Laura lamp turned on and instead of being naggy and complainy, I greeted him with a hugs and kisses, thanked him sincerely for all his hard work, had him recline on the couch where I gave him a massage to give him the massage he deserved. As he sat there relaxed under my feminine charm, he kept repeating over and over again what a blessed man he is, and without me even mentioning ANYTHING about the family get together, he announced he knew how important it is for me, and would go for me. I was shocked at the change of events, just because I chose to be a loving, charming, feminine GIRLFRIEND to my husband. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face after experiencing firsthand how easy it was to make my husband the happiest guy on the planet, and the positive way it impacted everyone. Thank you so much for being the voice in my head to scold me when I'm behaving like a  foolish wife, and for the joy your advice brings to my knight in a shining business suit. Sincerely, My husband's girlfriend, L.
Tags: Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Marriage, Men's Point of View, swim through shark infested water, Women's Point of View
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