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Letters From Listeners

Best Marital Advice Ever



Dr. Laura,

I was listening to your open remarks on a recent podcast when you were talking about folding clothes and how your way may not be the right way.  That story reminded me of some of the best marital advice I received. 

Only a couple months in to my marriage I was on the phone with a friend and my husband wasn't home.  I was cleaning up around the house and mentioned to her that I couldn't find any of the cleaning rags.

During the conversation I found the rags and the conversation regarding them went like this...

Me- "URGH! I found the cleaning rags!  Hubby put them with the kitchen rags instead of where the cleaning rags go."

Friend- "Wait, he did laundry and put it away but put the rags in a different place then you do?"

Me- "Yes!"

Friend- "Okay, here is what you are going to do... Number one, SHUT UP!  Be glad he even knows where the laundry baskets are! Number two, if you don't like where they are, move them. Number three, the ONLY thing you will say regarding this is 'Thank you, Honey, for doing the laundry.'  If you say anything else I will come over there and hit you over the head."

To this day if I find myself wanting to say something critical about things he helps with around the house I hear her voice in my head telling me to shut up and I'm still scared she will hit me over the head!  Best advice EVER!  Three and a half years later my hubby still helps with the laundry and I thank her in my mind every time because I could have ruined it by being critical instead of thankful.



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