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Email of the Day

Between Now & Dead

Dr. Laura:

You may remember me from the June "Pro/Am" hour I did on your program regarding weight loss.  At that time, I had lost 35 pounds.  

I have now reached my personal goal of 50 pounds lost within six months, so I thought I would let you know!  I have another seven pounds to go to be within the Weight Watchers' nutritional parameters for height and bone structure, so I signed up for three more months.  My plan is to reach their goal by mid-October, maintain for six weeks and become a Lifetime member.  I'm confident that I will reach that goal as well because once I decided that health was the top priority for my life between now and dead, I changed my life for the better.

What I've gained with this monumental weight loss is self-confidence, and I'm finally, truly proud of myself.  I remember you saying Dr. Laura that "to gain self-esteem, do something to impress yourself," and yes, I have.  This, I know now, is a permanent change and it's left me with a renewed confidence that I plan to finish my degree and write that book I started years ago.  I wanted to give you an update on how things have progressed since June.  I'll let you know when I reach my FINAL final goal.  

I must say, life is fabulous these days!




Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Character-Courage-Conscience, Eat Less-Move More, Social Issues, Values, Woman Power
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