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Letters From Listeners

Bored Children

I think it's important to raise children in a manner that sparks creativity in them. Interacting early on with your child as well as giving them the opportunity to entertain themselves are important. Every minute of the day cannot be scheduled for them. They need time when they should be able to choose whether to listen to music, read, climb a tree, get other kids to play, etc. In my opinion, children that have too many things available to them seem to easily become bored. I believe if you give your kiddo plenty of your attention and guidance you won't have a bored kid. 

When my daughter was 3 we lived in a small apt and in the summer we went to the pool every morning and swam till lunch time. We'd go home have lunch and some quiet time. Some afternoons we'd go back to the pool for a few hours. Sometimes we'd go to the park or I'd briskly walk behind her as she peddled her tricycle. Rainy days we'd pull out "stuff" I had collected for the craft box and make refrigerator art, etc. We'd play age-appropriate board games: Chutes and Ladders was a favorite. When Daddy came home, she would rush to the door to tell him what had occupied her day. 

As she got older, and her brother came along, we continued doing things which might be boring to other people but at the time we didn't have a lot of money for extras. Fridays, I'd make pizza dough and everyone could top their own pizza however they liked. We usually had another kid or two at our house for homemade pizza. The kids loved it. I'd often overhear a child whisper to my son, "Will you ask your mom if I can stay for dinner?". 

Looking back, I realize I gave my kids more with less. My kids are smart and creative. Some of their friends call my husband and me, Dad and Mom. I treasure that. 

Last August, we became grandparents. We were blessed with a little girl. I know how much we love our children and son-in-law, but this little girl has my heart in her little hands. She's not quite a year, but I treasure every moment I get to hold her. I dream of all the silly little things I will do with her: sitting in the grass and making a clover necklace, feeding birds at the beach or at a park, dying Easter eggs, swimming, going to the zoo, playing mini golf, having a tea party and the list goes on. I have a million things I can think of we'll do and I know in my heart this new child will never be bored. I can see how she looks at things with curiosity and wonder. Those traits don't allow for boredom to ever take hold. 


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